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YP701A Functional Concentrated Soy Protein

● Application:

Sausage, surimi products, quick-frozen foods,vegetarian foods

● Characteristics:

High water binding and fat binding

● Product Analysis:

Assay  Specifications Methods of Analysis
Appearance Light yellow or milky white powder By visual perception
Moisture ≤7.0%

GB 5009.3

CP(Dry basis) ≥65.0%

GB 5009.5

Ash ≤7.0%

GB 5009.4

Fat ≤1.0%

GB 5009.6

PH Value


5% slurry

Particle Size ≥96.0% 100 mesh through
Standard Plate Count

n=5 c=2 m=5000 cfu/g  M=10000 cfu/g

GB 4789.2

Coliform n=5 c=1 m=10 cfu/g    M=100 cfu/g

GB 4789.3

Salmonella Negative

GB 4789.4

Staphylococcus Negative

GB 4789.10

● Recommended Application Method:

1. Put YP701A into the ingredients at the ratio of 3%-5% and chop together.
 2. Chop YP701A into emulsion lumps at the ratio of 1:6:5, then put it into the products.
The above methods are only for reference, customers can apply according to its own recipe.

● Packing & Transportation:

The outer is paper-polymer bag, the inner is food grade polythene plastic bag. Net weight : 20kg /bag;
Without pallet---12MT/20’GP, 25MT/40’GP;
With pallet---10MT/20’GP, 20MT/40’GP;

● Storage:

Store in dry and cool condition, keep away from material with odor or of volatilization, protect from water and wet.

● Shelf-life:

Best within 12 months from manufacturing date.

Contact :

Domestic: 86-534-7420516     International: 86-534-7420781

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